Pride – The Feels – [ep. 50]

Pride goes before the fall. Today we look at how pride can impact our lives and what truths scripture speaks to it. We’ll take a look at how it may have impacted one of the most infamous individuals in the bible, and what insights God’s word provides us to avoid it’s pitfalls.

Anger – The Feels – [ep. 49]

Have you, or someone you know ever been prone to “flying off the handle?” How are we as Christians suppose to handle anger when we encounter it in our lives? On one hand we’re told to be meek and mild, to be slow to anger and to watch our tongue. But throughout scripture we can see examples of God showing his anger, and Jesus doing things like overturning the money changers tables in the temple. Whats a believer to do when we feel anger in our lives?

Joy – The Feels – [ep. 48]

Joy is a crucial part of the Christian experience, and sometimes it can be overlooked. It can often be easy to fixate on our own brokenness and our desire to have God fix it and restore us. But that ends up putting all of the focus on us, and not God. Joy is evidence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and is something that should be central to our state of being.

Apathy – The Feels – [ep.47]

Apathy is easy, it’s indifference and doesn’t require much from the person. No need to take a stand or put your neck out on the line. It’s also toxic for our faith. We’ll turn to Jesus’ word in Revelation where he rebukes a church for their apathy. But if we find ourselves in a place of apathy how do we fight it? Where do we turn and how can we break the cycle?

Anxiety – The Feels – [ep. 46]

Anxiety and worry have seemingly reached epidemic levels. Basically everyone has experienced anxiety to a certain level – including Jesus. Today we’ll take a look at the Garden in Gethsemane where we get the chance to see Jesus’ human side. We’ll talk our experiences, and how the word speaks to this emotion.

Frustration – The Feels – [ep. 45]

Have you ever been frustrated with yourself or even God? It might be safe to say that all of us have been there, and we’re not alone. At some point in our faith walk we might find ourselves sort of spinning our tires, stuck somewhere, or just not getting the answers or discernment we feel that we need. In 2nd Corinthians Paul pleads with God three times to remove what He described as a “thorn in his side” – but God doesn’t respond in the way Paul asks. So how should we respond to frustration when we’re just not seeing what we want to see?

Father Abraham – Back To Sunday School – [ep. 44]

Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham. But for a good portion of His life that didn’t seem to be the case. God made a promise with Abraham and then seemingly took his sweet time to deliver. How do you respond when you become impatient with God? Despite Abraham’s short comings God was still faithful to him, and followed through on His promise. We might not be a person of the same magnitude as an Abraham, or any of these “big time” biblical people. But God’s character is the same for us as it was for them. Despite our shortcomings, impatience, and rebellion God is true to His word and true to us.

Joseph And The Dream Coat- Back To Sunday School – [ep. 43]

Joseph was the favorite son and His Father gave him one heck of a robe to show it. Joseph found himself in some pretty rough situations. From his brothers considering murdering him, eventually selling him into slavery, winding up in jail, and remarkably in the service of Pharaoh. Regardless of his situation Joseph trusted fully in God.

The Walls Came Tumbling Down – Back To Sunday School – [ep. 42]

The Israelite’s have crossed into the promise land, but there is a problem. Someone else is already there. The first imposing task is attacking the fortified city of Jericho. There they would find help from an unlikely source, encounter a commander of God’s army (with whose alliances they are unsure about) and execute a very unconventional battle plan.

Oh, Davey Part 2 – Back To Sunday School – [ep. 41]

King David is arguably one of the most popular characters in the Old Testament, and therefore is covered pretty strongly in Sunday School. this story however isn’t exactly the best for little ears, but it’s a turning point in his life. David’s encounter with Bathsheba is the perfect picture of how sin works in our life. The more we dive into it, the number we become.