By Your Side – That’s My Jam – [ep. 33]

Part one of back to back Connor picks! Tenth Avenue North heavily influenced both Shawn and Connor when they first began listening to contemporary Christian music. By Your Side is a song for people who feel like “mess ups”, and like they might not be enough. It’s sung from the perspective of Jesus to speak truth and life into our lives.

You Loved Me Anyway – That’s My Jam – [ep. 32]

God loved us even when we were still sinners. Even when we considered him our enemy, he loved us. You Loved Me Anyway, written by Sidewalk Prophets explores God’s amazing, undeserving love for us. Some may not want to turn to God because they feel the need to “clean themselves us first”, or that “God can’t love me after the things I’ve done.” But as this song expresses not only does God love us at our very worst, there is simply nothing we can do that can separate his love from us.

Reckless Love – That’s My Jam – [ep. 31]

Today we’re discussing a song that has shot up the Christian song charts since it’s Debut. Reckless Love, written by Cory Asbury is a powerful song of the lengths God is willing to go to show his love for mankind. There has been some kickback as to weather the word “reckless” should be used to describe anything about God, and some congregations will not play the song in worship services.

Your Love Is Strong – That’s My Jam – [ep. 30]

This week we’re continuing or discussion of our favorite Christian songs with Connor’s first pick of the series. Jon Foreman is the lead singer of the band Switchfoot and also does his own solo work. Jon wrote a song called “Your Love Is Strong” on an EP called “Spring”. We discuss what the song means to us, how scripture speaks through it and some of our insights of the lyrics.

All The Poor And Powerless – That’s My Jam – [ep. 29]

We’re starting a new series! We love music, and it plays such a vital role in our worship and lives that we felt compelled to share our favorite worship and Christian songs with you. This episode we’ll be discussing All Sons and Daughters song “All The Poor And Powerless”.

Laodicea – Dear Church – [ep. 28]

We’re wrapping up our Dear Church series with the letter to Laodicea. Laodicea was the wealthiest of the seven churches who received letters. They were the banking capitol of the area, had a booming garment trade, and manufactured a high sought after eye salve. But for all their wealth and comfort they had a few serious problems. Their water supply was disgusting, and unpalatable. Jesus¬† uses these circumstances to speak truth to the lukewarm congregation.

Philadelphia – Dear Church – [ep. 27]

The city of brotherly love, but not the one your thinking of. Today we’re continuing our Dear Church series as we progress through the letters Jesus wrote to the seven churches in Asia minor. As we look into the letter we’ll discuss the meaning behind it, community as a body of believers, and what it means to be weak.

Sardis – Dear Church – [ep. 26]

As we continue our look at the seven letters written to the churches of Asia Minor we find ourselves with a bit of a “walking dead” situation. Sardis was a church perched high atop an acropolis that had good deeds and felt safe, but Jesus has other things to say.¬† How do we speak truth in our world today, and how does this letter apply to the modern church?

Thyatira – Dear Church – [ep. 25]

In addition to butchering the pronunciation of the city, today we’ll discuss the letter to Thyatira. Thyatira was a working class city that most of us could relate to, but it posed a problem for Christians living and working in the city. A familiar, infamous name from the Old Testament makes an appearance, and we talk about if the lessons learned from this letter can even apply to us today.

Pergamum – Dear Church – [ep. 24]

False teachings, the throne of Satan, a double edge sword, and some interesting historical twists. We continue our “Dear Church” series with the letter written to the church of Pergamum. We’ll be discussing what all this means and if any of it is relevant to the church today.