Why Is Sin Such A Big Deal? – FAQs – [ep. 17]

We continue our FAQ’s series by looking at a question that breaks the mold of a “frequently asked question”. That question is “Why is sin such a big deal?” This is one of those questions that don’t often get asked directly, but often is the root question to many deeper conversations of faith. We’ll dive deep into this topic an discuss what sin is all about, what our preconceived notions are, where we struggle and what the solution ultimately is.

Why Did God Make The Bible Hard To Understand? – FAQs – [ep. 16]

Today we’re starting a new series called “FAQ’s”. During our time in ministry we’ve stumbled upon some questions that tend to repeat themselves over the years. And we feel these frequently asked questions should be discussed. Sometimes the Bible can very difficult to understand, which might lead one to ask why God make it that way. Did God intentionally make His word hard to understand or are there other factors in play here?

It Is Finished – Stuff Jesus Said – [ep. 15]

Today we’re wrapping up our “Stuff Jesus Said” series. Jesus had so many amazing things to say during his ministry on earth. His final words on the cross though might be among the most powerful. With these words the universe was forever changed. Nothing would ever be the same.

Covenant – Stuff Jesus Said – [ep. 14]

What is a covenant? Is it like a oath? A contract? A pinky promise? This week we take a look back at what we celebrated on Maundy Thursday, the last supper.  For Christians the last supper is very familiar, and can almost become “routine”. But with Jesus’ words He spoke an incredible message that rocked His disciples world and foreshadowed His awesome plan of salvation.

Idols Pt. 2 & Transformation – Stuff Jesus Said – [ep. 13]

So much to cover in so little time. We really felt called to go back and finish our thought on idols, and specifically talk about the everyday things in our lives we struggle with. There are things we invest ourselves to that seem good, but slowly take the place of God in our lives. Those become idols. We wrap up our talk on idols as we discuss everyday idols and the idea of transformation.