Hey There Samson And Delilah – Back To Sunday School – [ep. 39]

God uses broken people. That’s one of the amazing things about who he is. We don’t need to be perfect for him to use us. Samson is easily a very broken person, and yet God still uses him to complete his will. Today we’ll be looking at the story of the old testament strong man, in all of his weakness, and all of God’s glory

Daniel In The Lions Den – Back To Sunday School – [ep. 38]

Exiled from his homeland as a teen, forced to serve a foreign king, living in a land of pagans and idols. Daniel stays true to his faith while faithfully serving and excelling in his vocation. Daniel in the lions den is a “classic” Sunday school bible lesson, we can still see the felt board story unfold. But beneath all that felt and smiling, happy lions is a rich and challenging story. How would you respond in Daniels situation?

Zacchaeus The Wee Little Man – Back To Sunday School – [ep. 37]

A wee little man was he, climbed a sycamore tree to see what he could see. The story of Zacchaeus is one that tends to remain in the world of “sunday school story”. It’s got a cute song, and some comedic flair with the stature of the small chief tax collector. But the interaction between Zacchaeus and Jesus is profound and deep. It can challenges us not only to check our priorities, but to also reflect on our, and t he churches reaction to broken an lost people; like Zaccaeus in our lives.

Jonah And The Whale – Back To Sunday School – [ep. 36]

We’re headed back to Sunday School! The book of Jonah is often taught in Sunday School class rooms with a lot of focus placed on the whale. But what are we missing? Though it’s a short book in the bible, Jonah is a very deep piece of scripture. We’ll dive into the themes, the mind of Jonah, and some history behind the story. Turns out its way more than a story about some dude that stays in a fish for three days…

The Heart Of Worship – That’s My Jam – [ep. 35]

We’re going old school (kind of). We’ve come a long way since the contemporary revival of the 70’s and 80’s. To close out our series “That’s My Jam” we’re taking a look at the Matt Redmond Song “The Heart Of Worship”. Worship isn’t about us, even though we can often treat it that way. Sometimes it can morph into a consumer experience, instead of being what God wants it to be. The Heart Of Worship challenges us to check our heart and our priorities when we come to God in worship.