God’s Masterpiece – Stuff Paul Said – [ep. 56]

Do you consider yourself a masterpiece? You should! Today we’ll dive into Paul’s words in the second chapter Ephesians Paul says because of Christ Jesus we are indeed a masterpiece. Sometimes we undervalue ourselves, and often don’t think ourselves worthy to carry such a title. Today we discuss exactly why we truly are a masterpiece.

Pleasing To Who? – Stuff Paul Said – [ep.55]

Are you a people pleaser? What other people think of us can often have a very profound effect on our behavior. When we seek to please people and mold our identity to what people expect of us, we run the real risk of living a life displeasing to God. Are you more concerned of fitting in with the world around you or fitting into the life God calls us to live? We’ll dive into Galatians 1:10 as we explore these words of Paul.

While We Were Still Sinners – Stuff Paul Said – [ep. 54]

In Romans 5:8 Paul tells us that Jesus died while we were still sinners. So often we find the need to sort of clean ourselves up before we come to Christ. Or we try to strike things out on our own and convince ourselves that what we do on our own is good enough. This couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter what we do we fall short of God’s expectations. There is a clear need for someone to intervene and save us from our ways.

What About Paul? – Stuff Paul Said – [ep. 53]

The apostle Paul had some pretty important things to say. Responsible for almost half of the New Testament, Paul is arguably the most important voice for the Christian faith next to Jesus. From ruthless persecutor of Christians to one of the most outspoken proponents, Paul’s word are nothing short of revolutionary.